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  • Christchurch Golf Club

Excellent practice facilities available:

  • Driving Range with distance markers
  • Permanent practice mats
  • Undercover bays
  • Video analysis
  • Chipping Green - short game lesson packages available
  • Bunkers
  • Driving Net
  • Putting Green
Structured Five Lesson Package
with Anthony Doyle
This lesson package identifies the individual’s strengths and weaknesses to develop over a period of five lessons.

Once completed the lessons, we will head to the golf course, The Christchurch Golf Club, to put into play what was learnt over the time.

We will identify areas on the course which may cause difficulty and look to make these more comfortable for you to play when faced with them again.

Areas of Development 
Full swing analysis and development
Driver, Fairway and Rescue woods
Pitching drills and techniques (short and long shots)
Short game areas
- High and low shots
- Over bunkers
- Out of thick rough
- Bunker play
- Technique
- Long and short putts
- Distance control
These areas will be developed throughout the programme and at the conclusion, you will have a clear understanding of your game.
The cost of the five lesson package is $ 275.00 (Sixth lesson being on the course).
This is an individual coaching programme for one on one coaching. We can begin when your time is available.
Please contact myself or the Proshop on 3852738 or on my cell 0275612214 to register your name for this programme.
I look forward to your attendance.
Anthony Doyle.
Head Golf Professional.
The Christchurch Golf Club.
Development Sessions
General Golf Lesson
30 minute sessions
Swing development and change
Knowledge of your personal strengths and weaknesses
Video analysis if requested - using latest swing analysis programmes
Create a data base on my computer of your development and swing changes
Drills and processes will be given after the conclusion of lesson
Information to develop your swing techniques
General goals and tasks identified
A development game plan can be written to help achieve goals and expectations
Comfortable and easy learning environment
$ 55.00 members
$ 60.00 non members
Short Game Packages
Three 30 minute sessions
Personal short game development
Structured sessions with testing and performance
Identifying a technique that suits your ability
Analysis and testing of each specific short game skill
Bunkers, high & low shots, chipping, pitching, putting
Plugged ball lies from the bunker etc
Knowledge of each club in your bag that react to different lies
Cost: $ 180.00
Accuracy Development
Two 30 minute sessions
Find out how far you hit each club
Accuracy test on the range - hit between targets
Games and processes to become familiar with each club for accuracy
Hit to targets on the range to identify which clubs are your strengths or weaknesses
Testing to be done to access development and progress
Cost: $ 100.00
Shot Shaping Development
Three 30 minute sessions
Learn to hit all common shots - fade, draw, hook, slice, high and low shots
Become familiar with different clubs for particular shots
Knowledge of swing techniques for each shot played
Hit at specific targets on the range to achieve desired shot
Develop a game plan to improve ability of shot shapes
Testing to access development and improvements
Cost: $ 150.00
Two one hour sessions
Do you know how far you hit each club?
After these sessions you will know how far you hit each club in your bag 3.
Yardage testing on the range
Hit to specific targets and distances to gauge how far each club lands
At the end of the sessions you will have specific information in a note book for easy access when on the golf course
Cost: $ 240.00
Golf Course Lesson
One hour sessions
Go onto the course to understand course management
Identify your strengths and weaknesses of your ability on the course
Attack the areas of the course that cause you most trouble - deep bunkers, hard pan lies, deep rough shots, low shots under trees, downhill, uphill and side hill lies, amongst the trees and hitting to elevated greens.
Create confidence when playing competitions - stroke and match play
Learn course management about each hole
Know what clubs to use on the par threes
Shots over bunkers and out of greenside rough
Cost: $ Please Contact Anthony for pricing.
Jason Tilley
NZPGA Golf Professional
Lesson Bookings available at the Pro Shop or
phone Jason direct on 0275759900.
Additional information on his website